Friday, November 4, 2016

The Secret of the Mind of Water Color Painting

     I truly thought I would NEVER conquer water color painting. Acrylic I conquered.  Oil I conquered. But watercolor eluded me . . . until recently when I learned the secret. 
     For 2 years, I enrolled in adult education classes with teachers who have ridden the watercolor bull enough to attempt a class of students who whine, "Watercolor is hard!" 
    The intriguing beauty of colors mixing into new colors and recognizable shapes keeps me at my paint table. 
     And I continuously watch watercolor channels on YouTube. The Mind of Watercolor is likely to be my very favorite. Steve Mitchell says water color has a mind of its own, and he is so right.
     I have tried to paint every day, and believe me, I do not hesitate to trash my many awful efforts.
     By observing so many artists who have learned to read the mind of watercolor, I think I have figured out the secret.   And the secret is . . .

   "Paint what YOU see;" "Practice like your life depends upon it;" and "Paint with a group of at least one other person."

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