Friday, March 6, 2020

Vintage Fashion Lady-1


>^. .^<

The other day the question came to mind, "Will we become better painters by doing just one painting?  The answer is "yes."   After every "do," we will see and sense a noticeable improvement.

    As I was looking for inspiration to refresh my own skills, I found fashion paintings on the internet, which brings back memories of vintage sewing patterns with pretty, painted models on the packages.

     In this painting, I learned that putting facial features on a small painting is nearly impossible.  This painting is a 5X7. Next time it will be an 8X10.  Paint and learn!

I can see a series here. The next dress will be purple.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Here's My Kitty Art

     Here is my kitty drawn with straight marks and white jell pen on black paper.

     If  I could interest a cat person to buy it, I'd have to price it especially for the 2 mats, the back board, and clear bag.

    There are two pre-cut mats: a 5x7 little black photo mat (Joann's) and a standard 8x10 mat with the 5x7 opening,and  a  8x10 back board. (

                        Truly, this is an EASY project!

                                    >^. . ^< 
   To the right is the label I designed to stick on the back board and sometimes the back of the painting, as well.

I would not put a price on the label as that is likely to change.

 A small sticky pricing label can be put on the outside of the clear bag.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Training our brains to guide our brush is the result of "practice."

     To motivate myself to practice, I print my subject on 65# (lightweight) card stock and cut templates out and draw around them to save time trying to draw them.

    I printed a goose on purple card stock before I realized I had white card stock on hand.

Your subject can be inserted into Word and resized.

Here are my practice geese..
These were so much fun.

Making Green

A Story First: How I Made this Demo for my WC Students
I set a piano bench on my kitchen table, arranged my Ipad on the seat overlooking the white dish below, then I added two light sources, started the camera, and sat down to demonstrate by working through the legs of the piano bench!
At first this was just for fun, but then I thought, "Why waste good instruction?".

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Click on this link:

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

2019 Winter Class is Over

My Winter WC class is over and I feel like I lost good friends. As a thank you to you students, I made another short video. Once again, I used my piano bench on the kitchen table to mount the camera to film over my head. I used a Cannon digital camera and filmed though the openings of an oven rack. Sometimes I feel so so smart :)