Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Vintage Fashion Lady-1


>^. .^<

The other day the question came to mind, "Will we become better painters by doing just one painting?  The answer is "yes."   After every "do," we will see and sense a noticeable improvement.

    As I was looking for inspiration to refresh my own skills, I found fashion paintings on the internet, which brings back memories of vintage sewing patterns with pretty, painted models on the packages.

     In this painting, I learned that putting facial features on a small painting is nearly impossible.  This painting is a 5X7. Next time it will be an 8X10.  Paint and learn!

I can see a series here. The next dress will be purple.

Here's My Kitty Art

     Here is my kitty drawn with straight marks and white jell pen on black paper.

     If  I could interest a cat person to buy it, I'd have to price it especially for the 2 mats, the back board, and clear bag.

    There are two pre-cut mats: a 5x7 little black photo mat (Joann's) and a standard 8x10 mat with the 5x7 opening,and  a  8x10 back board. (

                        Truly, this is an EASY project!

                                    >^. . ^< 
   To the right is the label I designed to stick on the back board and sometimes the back of the painting, as well.

I would not put a price on the label as that is likely to change.

 A small sticky pricing label can be put on the outside of the clear bag.