Sunday, November 6, 2016

Koi Watercolor Template

9x6 on 140# cold pressed paper
  Templates help you start painting snip-snap! As we know, drawing takes a while and erasing can be damaging. The template below, stretched to 4”, I cut for my students ahead of class. My prep-work had us painting in no time.

     You don’t need to paint this project as shown.
 Google “Koi pond images" for real life observation and inspiration.

1. Draw around the fish template, reversing and turning it in different poses.
2. Remember NOT to shake up the masking fluid . . . then  "mask" the fish with extra care so the pigment stays out of the fish. And don’t forget to mask food bits for the hungry fishes.
3.   Masking was used to highlight the water, but using a clean brush to pick up some of the blue before it dries will work, too -- and often better.
4. When all is dry, paint the water using the wet on wet technique. Notice the blue is not all the same density in color.
5. When this is very, very dry, rub off the masking. Don't panic if some pigment made its way into the fish. Work it into the fish with a little clean water on your brush.
6.    Paint the fish spots then use a very small nibbed “permanent” pen for tiny eyes. One touch of the pen will do.
7. Lastly, make it appear as though water is flowing over the fish or they will seem to be on TOP of the water rather than IN the water.
Resize and cut out the template
      Here is the template image to print on #65 (lightweight) card stock. Stretch this to 4” or more on a computer or draw by hand.

     Some priceless advice: Because this project requires major drying between steps, fast-track your learning by painting two or or more of the scene at the same time.

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