Friday, November 4, 2016

The P-Word

   Training our brains to guide our brush is all about the p-word, "practice." We usually hear watercolorists substituting the p-word with the phrase "painting studies."
     To motivate myself to get more practice into that short space in time where distractions are minimal and the idea of painting is most exciting, I have templates ready to trace around rather than lose time drawing.
     This is where I use the internet, magazines and photos, and my printer to make templates.  Above are examples of some real geese I printed on #65 (lightweight) card stock.  The purple one was before I realized I had white card stock on hand so I could print them in color as a reference.
     Note: They can be put into Word and resized according to your need.
     Finally, and with great care, I cut them out with small scissors and now have all the geese I need for practice-practice-practice.  Here are my first practice geese..
These were so much fun.

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